Has Your Career Come to a Halt?

Career Lounge was created to assist high-level professionals in climbing the corporate ladder, despite the seemingly endless challenges and roadblocks.

Meet Lance Gold, the expert in developing high-Level career roadmaps.

Lance is an accomplished and professional career strategist within the corporate environment.  During his 25 years of experience, he has developed all the tools needed to assist high-level employees in taking their next big career steps.

Lance’s commitment to growing people and helping them develop their careers is visible in everything he does.

Trevor Clark, Owner of Action Coach Durban

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Understanding the Problem.

Up until now, recruitment agencies and job boards have been the only options for high-level individuals looking to move up in the corporate world, yet these often leave us feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. At Career Lounge, we have made it our duty to understand the problems you may be facing:”

Barriers to advancement

  • Glass ceiling
  • No growth opportunities
  • No growth plan

Job boards & Recruiters

  • Unprofessional
  • Inexperienced
  • Unreliable

Join a Lounge

Join a Lounge

During your time with Career Lounge, we will identify the type of position you find yourself in, in regard to your career. This will help us place you in one of our lounges: categories that represent your level of readiness to grow your career.

Slow Lounge

  • Remain in your current career.
  • Work on career development plan.

Waiting Lounge

  • Ready to move on.
  • Open to being marketed.

Departure Lounge

  • Ready to change careers.
  • Aren’t actively marketing yourself.
  • Attractive acquisition to employers.

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Your next step…

If you are a high-level corporate professional looking to advance your career or are wanting to know more about our pricing and offers, please complete the form below. Our consultations include, but are not limited to:

  • Personalised career roadmap
  • Current career analysis
  • Gap analysis — of the current corporate environment
  • Marketing strategy

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